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Gina Marie Buttacavoli



Makeup With Gina​

     Makeup has always fascinated me. My Barbie dolls were always getting new lipstick, eyeliner, and hair colors - thanks to crayons and markers. 

When I received Kevyn Aucoin's "Making Faces" book for Christmas one year, everything changed. I would sit for hours replicating the makeup I saw; experimenting with colors, textures, and even shaving off most of my eyebrows to achieve a look.

When I wound up at MAC Cosmetics, I truly fell in love with my craft. I learned to control my creativity and hone my skillset through an endless supply of colors. I moved on to explore other companies and became an expert on skincare. I still try everything personally before I decide it qualifies for my kit. 

     I made my way through the rankings and certifications, visited Fashion week, and eventually moved onto building my own clientele. I've keyed makeup for individuals, teams, music videos, movies, and even acted in one that I was doing makeup for. I currently offer an array of beauty services, and am always open to new ideas. 

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